Fabric for Negative Ion Clothing

Negative Ion Clothings? Let's get to the root!

Chlorofibre has been around since the '50s but few people know about it even though it is made from a very common polymer.

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I have dealt with PolyVinylChloride for decades in my profession but did not know, until recently, that it is also a material for clothing fibre.

Many synthetic polymers like polyesters and nylon are also fibre materials so it is not surprising that PVC can also be a material for clothing fibre. However, unlike polyester, it is not as well known.

Chlorofibre would probably have died a natural death had it not for its special characteristics and a history of reliefs it brought to Rheumatic patients since its early days.

With only a light friction, Chlorofibre accumulates an excess of electrons and become negatively charged. And this is where negative ions comes into play when these electrons are transfered to the molecules in the air resulting in an abundance of negative ions (HO-) trapped between the fabric and the skin. These negatively charged species are the negative ions. Evidential annecdotes suggests that these negative ions raise the alkalinity of our body which is an essential foundation of our well being.

Alkalinity of our body can also be brought about by consumption of vegetables and fruits (which paradoxically is mostly acidic to begin with). This balances the acidic tendencies when meat is consumed.

So What Has Negative Ions To Do With Our Well Being

Watch these two videos.
The first is about free radicals, the relation of oxidative reduction potentials (ORP) and our well being and the other is a demonstration that air around a ChloroFabric has high (negative) ORP.

This next video shows how a meter that is used to measure ORP of ionized water is used to measure ORP of negative ions from Nefful glove (made from Chlorofibre).

This is a good way to understand the role of Negative Ions produced by Chlorofibre when the fabric is rubbed to produce tribo electricity which in turn produces negative ions which is 'ingested' through the skin as it is produced by the fabric worn next to our skin.

The fabric thus act as a giant 'patch' covering our body and delivers negative ions to the body.

Chlorofibre is what makes Rhovyl'On and Teviron unique.

With an improved understanding and experience in the curative benefits of negative ions, the position of Chlorofibre which is known to produce large amount of negative ions has assumed a new level of interest.

Chlorofibre yarn has a demonstrable tribo-electric property and has been around since the 50s. It is known for its ability to bring reliefs to Rhumatic pains and is now gaining new understandings, new applications and new users.

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